Oct 14 2014

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Global Health Portfolio


A tool kit to support doctors working in international health to document the knowledge, attitudes and skills they develop whilst working in low and middle-income countries (LMIC).

For whom?

All doctors who are interested in working in international health.


To encourage increased documentation of the skills developed whilst working in LMICs and therefore promote recognition of the value of international experience in the training of doctors.


To facilitate and encourage doctors to document their experience and skills gained whilst working in LMICs.
To support doctors to demonstrate their continued professional development whilst out of programme and to frame their experience in a way that is recognised by recruitment bodies.


  • Gaining experience working in LMICs is increasingly being recognised as beneficial to training with a positive knock-on effect on the NHS.
  • Moving forwards from it being an acceptable part of training to a central part of education /development of quality and dynamic doctors.
  • Increasing awareness of global health within the undergraduate curriculum and the opportunity to channel this focus through to postgraduate education.

What to do if you would like to take part in the Global Health Portfolio Pilot:

Before we send you a copy we just need to ask you a few quick questions. Your answers are important for us to understand the diverse needs of everyone who wishes to use the portfolio, so that we can make any necessary amendments in order to ensure that it is as useful as possible. Please find the survey here.

Once you have completed the survey the global health portfolio will be sent your way! We hope you find the portfolio useful and thank you for your time.

With kind regards,

Dr Jayne Ellis, Education and Training Coordinator, Alma Mata Working Group

If you have any queries or require further information about the survey, please contact us at secretary@almamata.org.uk.

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