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Postgraduate Education

Looking into postgraduate training?rstmh

There are many courses and opportunities available to those who wish to further their post-graduate global health education.  Below is a list of the main centres and courses in the UK.

We are very grateful to The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene for producing and updating this list, and for allowing us to share it here on our website.

See below for opportunities for study overseas and for online learning programmes, and for links to several good websites listing current post-graduate courses and training for further information.  

Please let us know if you would like any other courses or centres to be added to this page.


University Title Qualification Contact Start date
Aberdeen Global Health & Management MSc September
Public Health Research MSc September
Bournemouth Public Health MSc September
Brighton & Sussex Medical School Global Health  MSc
Bristol Global Health iBSc September
School of Social and Community Medicine PhD/MD September
Chester Global Health MSc September
Cumbria International Health MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Durham Public Policy & Global Health MSc September
School of Medecine, Pharmacy and Health PhD/MD September
Dundee Global Health & Wellbeing [online distace learning] MSc January, September
Epidemiology & Global Health Prevention  Cert
Social Dimensions of Health Institute PhD
Edinburgh Global Health & Infectious Disease [online distance learning] MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Global Health Challenges [online distance learning] PgCert September
Interational Health: Non-communicable disease [online distance learning] MSc September
Global Health & Public Policy  MSc September
International Health Public Health Policy PhD September
Global Health PhD September
Glasgow Global Health MSc September
Global Mental Health MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Imperial College London Global Health Short course 23/06/14-27/06/14
Epidemiology  MSc
Master of Public Health MPH October
Health Policy MSc Oct-13
International Health Management MSc Oct-13
Kings College London Global Health [+ variants] MSc 17/09/13 – 21/09/13
Intercalating course in global health for medical students iBSc 23/09/2013
Global Health & Social Medicine  BSc September
Global Health short course July
Global Mental Health short course
King’s Centre for Global Health PhD September
Leeds International Health MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Intercalating course in international health for medical students iBsc
Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development PhD September
Liverpool Tropical Disease Biology BSc September
Institute of Infection and Global Health PhD
Liverpool John Moores International Health MSc September
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Tropical & Infectious Disease MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Tropical Paediatrics MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
International Public Health [+ variants] MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Biology & Control of Parasites & Disease Vectors MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Molecular Biology of Parasites & Disease Vectors  MSc/PgCert/PgDip September
Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene  DTM&H September and February
Diploma of Reproductive Health in Developing Countries DRC January [TBC]
Diploma in Tropical Nursing DTN 02/12/13 and 06/05/14
Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance  DHA 11/03/2014
Introduction to Ultrasound in Low Resourse Settings short course 06/01/2014
Essentials of TB Epidemiology: Clinical Management & Control short course
HIV Epidemiology, Clinical Management & Strategies in Resource Poor Settings short course
Statistical Methods of Epidemiological & Clinical Research short course
Medical Bacteriology short course TBC
Masterclass on HIV in Resource Poor Settings: Patients, Policies & Practice short course TBC
Molecular & Cellular Biology of Parasites & Vectors short course 06/01/2014
Parasite Epidemiology & Control short course 06/01/2014
Immunology of Parasitic Infections  short course 10/02/2014
Vector Population Biology & Control  short course 10/02/2014
Applied Bioinformatics short course 17/03/2014
Key Topics in Snakebite: Biology, Epidemiology, Pathology & Treatment short course 31/03/2014
International Child Health short course 06/01/2014
Child Nutrition short course 2015 TBC
Maternal & Newborn Health short course 20/01/2014
Quality improvements in Maternal & Newborn Health short course 24/03/2014
Clinical Neonatal Care short course 17/03/2014
Key Concepts in Sexual & Reproductive Health short course 06/01/2014
Sexual Health & Human Sexuality short course 17/03/2014
Complex Humanitarian Emergencies short course 06/01/2014
Global Climate Change and Health short course 24/02/2014
Fundraising and How to Write a Grant Proposol  short course 24/02/2014
Needs Assessment and Planning Tools short course 26/02/2014
Management of Refugee and Displaced Populations short course 17/03/2014
Development of a Disease Control Programme short course 24/02/2014
Media, Policy and Advocacy in Humanitarian Action short course 31/03/2014
Technical Support in Humanitarian Emergencies short course 31/03/2014
Public Health in Humanitarian Emergencies short course 31/03/2014
LSTM PhD Studentships  PhD September
London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Control of Infectious Disease MSc September September
Demography & Health MSc September
Epidemiology MSc September
Global Health Policy [distance learning] MSc September September
Global Mental Health MSc September
Health Policy, Planning & Financing MSc September
Immunology of Infectious Diseases MSc September
Medical Entomology for Disease Control MSc September
Medical Microbiology MSc September
Medical Parasitology MSc September
Medical Statistics MSc September
Molecular Biology of Infectious Disease MSc September
Nutrition for Global Health MSc September
Public Health [+ variants] MSc September
Public Health in Developing Countries MSc September
Reproductive & Sexual Health Research MSc September
Tropical Medicine & International Health  MSc/DipTMH
Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene  DTM&H 06/01/2014
Epidemiology & Population Health  DrPH September
Epidemiology & Population Health  Mphil PhD September
Infectious & Tropical Diseases DrPH September
Infectious & Tropical Diseases Mphil PhD September
Public Health & Policy DrPH September
Public Health & Policy Mphil PhD September
Advanced course in epidemiological analysis short course
Advanced stata: programming and other techniques to make your life easier short course 2014
Causal inference in epidemiology: recent methodological developments short course
Certificate in pharmacoepidemiology & pharmacovigilance short course 11/11/2013, 17/02/14 and 31/03/14
East African diploma in tropical medicine & hygiene (based in Tanzania and Uganda) DTM&H August-December
Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy short course TBC
Environmental epidemiology short course TBC
Factor analysis and structural equation modelling: an introduction using Stata and MPlus short course TBC
Issues in global non-communicable diseases: from research to policy short course 17/02/2014
Global mental health short course TBC
High throughput sequencing in disease studies short course
Intensive course in epidemiology & medical statistics short course TBC
Introduction to genetic epidemiology in the GWAS era short course
Introduction to infectious disease modelling and its applications  short course TBC
Laboratory diagnosis of parasites short course TBC
Methods for addressing selection bias in health economic evaluation short course 18/09/2013
Pathogen genomics and genomic epidemiology of infectious disease short course
Practical pharmacoepidemiology short course
Researching gender-based violence: methods and meaning short course
Statistical analysis with missing data using multiple imputation and inverse probability weighting short course TBC
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of health research short course
Travel medicine short course
Tropical ophthalmology short course
Understanding an eye health system in order to achieve VISION 2020 short course
London School of Economics International Health Policy MSc
Manchester Global Health [online] MSc Sep-13
Intercalated BSc in Global Health Intercalated BSc Sep-13
Humanitarianism and Conflict Response MA Sep-13
International Disaster Management MA Sep-13
Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Stand-alone module Sep-13
Humanitarianism and Conflict Response PhD Sep-13
Peacebuilding MA Sep-13
Nottingham Applied Epidemiology MSc September
Master of Public Health MPH September
Public Health (International Health) MPH September
Global Food Security  MRes September
Social and Global Justice MA September
War and Contemporary Conflict MA September
Oxford Global Health Science MSc 07/10/13- 08/10/13
Global Health short course TBC
Diploma in Paediatric Infectious Disease [online] DPID September
Non-Communicable Disease prevention – Policy Development and Implementation Issues in Low and Middle Income Countries Workshop 06/09/2013
Nuffield Department of Population Health DPhil MSc September
Refugee and Forced Migration Studies MSc
International Summer School in Forced Migration Short course July
Palestinian Refugees and International Law Short Course
Royal Holloway Global Health: Pathogens & Policy MSc/PgCert/PgDip
Sheffield (Masters in Public Health) Internatioal Developmet MPHID 23/09/13-28/09/13
School of Health and Related Research PhD
St Patrick’s International Public Health Policy & Management September
Sussex Global Health MSc 16/09/2013
Trinity College, Dublin Global Health MSc 16/09/13-20/09/13
Global Health (Indigo) PhD
Queen Margaret, Ediburgh Emerging challenges in the Global Health workforce  short course 28/10/2013
Global Health & Social Policy  short course 19/09/2013
Researching Global Health & Development  short course 28/10/2013
Applied Social Development PgCert January
Conflict, Social Development and Health PgCert January
Global Health Systems MSc September/January
Human Resources for Global Health MSc September/January
International Health MSc September/January
Sexual and Reproductive Health MSc September/January
Social Development and Health MSc September/January
Social Justice, Development and Health MSc September/January
Queen Mary University London Global Public Health & Policy MSc 23/09/2013
International Primary Health Care  MSc 23/09/2013
Health Systems and Global Policy MSc 23/09/2013
Global Health, Law and Governance MSc TBC 23/09/2013
Global Health, Policy and Innovation unit  PhD
Global public health and primary care Intercalated BSc
University College London Global Health & Development MSc/PgCert/PgDip 23/09/2013
Global Health  Intercalated BSc 23/09/2013
Sexually Trasmitted Infections & HIV MSc 23/09/2013
Department of Infectious and Population Health PhD September
Medical Microbiology MSc October
International Child Health MSc/PGDip/PGCert
University of East London Intenational Development & Health  MSc September
Warwick International Health Policy PGA April




Courses Overseas

The Copenhagen School of Global Health, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen School of Global Health offers courses for health promotion and development through interdisciplinary and collaborative research, teaching and capacity building around the world.  Courses are taught in English.

Summer School:

International Health:


Disaster Management:


Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts, USA

Mission Statement:  The Department of Global Health and Population seeks to improve global health through education, research, and service from a population-based perspective.  The Department of Global Health and Population offer a 2-year master of science program (SM2) in addition to the Master of Public Health program (MPH).


Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands

KIT (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen) offers a wide range of training and courses in the areas of health, development, information management, culture and international business. This page offers you an overview of KIT’s Training opportunities.

There are also a range of short courses:

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland

Formally the  Swiss Tropical Institute (STI), the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)  offers teaching, research and services in the field of International Health Development.


TropEd Master Programme

The Masters Programme in International Health is offered across tropEd member institutions. The modular programme for full-time or part-time study consists of an introductory core course, specialised optional modules and a research project submitted as a thesis. It is intended for completion within a minimum of one year (full-time) up to a maximum of five years (part-time). Studies comprise a number of public health-related disciplines including anthropology, biology, economics, education, environmental health, epidemiology and statistics, management studies, nutrition, population sciences and reproductive health, psychology, social sciences research, sociology, travel and migrant health and tropical medicine with a focus on infectious diseases, parasitology, virology, bacteriology and laboratory practice.

Students normally carry out their studies as follows:

Centre for Global Health, Trinity College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland 

TCD’s programme has a strong emphasis on understanding how to strengthen health services at a systems level with a programme designed to develop and sharpens critical thinking, analysis and practice.

A mix of students from low, middle and high income countries, provides for significant opportunities to learn across different cultural and contextual situations.  Students from diverse backgrounds including clinical, biomedical, social science and other backgrounds consistently question each others assumptions and provide a rich dynamic for explorative learning.  The Centre for Global Health puts a strong emphasis on the importance of staff who have lived in low and middle income countries and have practical experience of global health challenges.  Its concern to move ‘upstream’ and address the social, system and environmental causes of clinical problems. It feels is a defining feature of the programme.


Online Learning


Global Health Education Consortium

GHEC is a consortium of faculty and health care educators dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of global health education. GHEC members are active in more than 90 health profession schools and training programs in the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.  The Consortium works to promote and facilitate global health education in four areas – curriculum and training materials development, clinical training, career development, and education policy.  They provide over 80 high quality modules on a wide variety of topics which students can review either on their own or in instructor-led courses.

Global Health eLearning Center

The Global Health eLearning Center developed by the USAID Bureau of Global Health is a response to repeated requests from field staff for access to technical public health information. The Global Health eLearning Center provides free Internet-based courses that:
* Provide useful and timely continuing education for health professionals
* Offer state-of-the-art technical content on key public health topics
* Serve as a practical resource for increasing public health knowledge



Links to Postgraduate Education Websites This is a site maintained by Medicus Mundi in Switzerland. It has an extensive list of post-graduate courses in international health-related topics. You can search their site by course subject, location and institute. 
The central admission centre for Higher Education courses with details on application procedures, links to universities and colleges, and an on-line course search facility This a website offering a guide to planning, funding and finding post-graduate courses in the UK. It is useful for a general overview of post-graduate education and also lists UK courses.


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