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EbolaPlease use our events calendar to view upcoming global health related events.

We want to keep the Alma Mata events list as up to date and comprehensive as possible.  If you know of any events not included on this page, please send us a message or email us.  We distribute a monthly Newsletter summarising upcoming events.  If you would like to receive a copy please sign up to our Newsletter.


Links to other Events pages on the Internet

Many other health related events are not featured because they are not specifically related to global health. If you are interested in attending other courses or conferences then some of the following links may be worth visiting.

APPG Global Health

The All-Party Parliamentary Global Health group is chaired by Lord Crisp  and Meg Hiller MP.  Its activities come under three main categories: conducting evidence based reviews on topical global health issues, hosting high-profile events, often with other APPGs or external partners and providing ad-hoc briefings to their members on emerging global health issues


BOND is the UK membership body for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in international development.  They provide a comprehensive learning and training programme for member organisations and have a list of relevant events.

University of Sussex Centre for Global Health Policy

An Interdisciplinary hub dedicated to advancing the research base for global health policy.

The British Medical Association Conferences and Courses

The BMA/BMJ Conference Unit organises conferences of a medical nature on behalf of the Association. Most conferences are open to all BMA members, other health care professionals and, where relevant, to members of the public.

Chatham house

Chatham House, home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.

The University of Edinburgh Global Health Academy

Aiming to improve global health and make life better through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education and resource development.

The Development Education Association

The DEA organises a wide range of seminars, workshops, conferences and training programmes throughout the year. They offer support, capacity building and networking opportunities to member organisations and all those with an interest in bringing a global dimension to learning.

Event Bright

Online ticketing service that allows event organizers to plan, set up ticket sales and promote events of any size and publicize them.  You can search for Global Health related events, many of which are free, via this site.

Exhibition Medicine

Provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses, conferences and EXPO’s for medical professionals.

Faculty of Public Health

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is the standard setting body for specialists in public health in the United Kingdom.  Their international section contains information on Global Public Health events.

Health Care Conferences

Specialists in the organization of health care events.

Health Economics Association 

The International Health Economics Association was formed to increase communication among health economists, foster a higher standard of debate in the application of economics to health and health care systems, and assist young researchers at the start of their careers. They host lots of conferences usually with an economic connection.

Imperial College London

The Institute of Global Health Innovation aims to improve people’s wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in developed and developing countries.

Infectious Diseases Network

You can register as a member of the IDRN. Membership is free. As a member, you will have access to a Researchers database, Presentations and reports from IDRN workshop and the IDRN mailing list.

King’s Centre for Global Health

The King’s Centre for Global Health (KCGH), based at the Denmark Hill campus, is a joint centre for King’s College London and King’s Health Partners. We have two functions – to develop our own global health educationresearch and capacity building programmes, and to promote collaboration in global health beyond KCGH, across all 9 Schools within King’s College London and all 21 Clinical Academic Groups within King’s Health Partners.

London International Development Centre

LIDC develops interdisciplinary research and training programmes to address complex international development challenges. Addressing these challenges effectively often requires working across sectors, such as education and health, or between disciplines, such as sociology and economics. With partner institutions in low and middle income countries, LIDC builds initiatives on such subjects as climate change, HIV/ AIDS, migration, and emerging diseases.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 

The School aims to contribute to the improvement of health worldwide through the pursuit of excellence in research, postgraduate teaching and advanced training in national and international public health and tropical medicine, and through informing policy and practice in these areas. They have so many lectures, seminars and other events that we’d need another calendar to fit them in.

London School of Economics 

LSE’s Public Lectures are open to all and are an opportunity to hear some of the most influential figures in the social sciences speak. Dr Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDs, who gave a talk not long ago, is a prime example. Most events are free with entry on a first come, first served basis.


Medact is a global health charity tackling issues at the centre of international policy debates. Led by its health professional membership it undertakes education, research and advocacy on the health implications of conflict, development and environmental change.


Medsin is a student network and registered charity tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action.


Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is a worldwide movement.  Which brings humanitarian medical assistance to victims of conflict, natural disasters, epidemics or healthcare exclusion.

Queen Mary, University of London

The QMUL global health network is a forum for medical and academic staff and students from Queen Mary, University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust to share ideas and experience in global health.

The Royal College of Physicians 

Most of these events require membership and are often on the more expensive side. It’s still worth checking out though, especially if you’re interested in the more conventional side of medicine.


Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene aims to promote and advance the study, control and prevention of diseases in man and other animals in the tropics and sub-tropics, facilitate discussion and exchange of information among those who are interested in tropical diseases and international health, and generally to promote the work of those interested in these objectives.

RSM Global Health

The RSM has developed a resource for individuals who wish to learn and engage in any aspect of the global health agenda. It provides a focus for RSM members to share their experiences and aspirations in this important area of healthcare whilst also facilitating institutional and individual access to new initiatives.

RCGP International

Under the guidance of the RCGP’s International Committee, the Junior International Committee’s (JIC) objective is to facilitate the involvement of GP trainees and newly qualified GPs in educational international activities related to primary care.

RCPCH International

Works with partners in the UK and overseas to advance global child health,


The Volunteering and International Psychiatry Special Interest Group (VIPSIG) was launched at the College on 22 June 2011. VIPSIG aims to promote and support mental health globally, focusing on the low and middle income countries as defined by the World Bank.

The Royal Society for the promotion of health 

The UK’s largest and longest-established public health organisation. Completely independent of government and of any special interest. With Members who are academics, health professionals and practitioners who share an interest in promoting health through their daily work, and come together through Society membership to provide cross-cutting, multidisciplinary perspectives on current health questions. If this sounds good to you then follow the link.

Stop TB Partnership 

A partnership hosted by the World Health Organization. They have a number of events on a well organized calendar.


School of Oriental and African Studies is a public research university in London, combining language scholarship, disciplinary expertise and regional focus, it has the largest concentration in Europe of academic staff concerned with Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


THET is a specialist global health organisation that educates, trains and supports health workers through partnerships, strengthening health systems and enabling people in low and middle income countries to access essential healthcare.

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries lies at the heart of the early foundations of modern-day medicine and remains an important, active and innovative medical institution today. The Society plays a key role in the advancement of specialist areas of medicine, and in the ongoing post-graduate education and qualification of practitioners.  The Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine organises a number of events throughout the year including courses, lectures and examinations as well as social occasions. Many of these are open to the public as well as members and Fellows.

UCL Institute for Global Health

The UCL Institute for Global Health (IGH), based within the Faculty of Population Health Sciences, is the thriving research and teaching community at the heart of UCL’s Grand Challenge of Global Health.


VSO’s work revolves around four development areas, linked to the priorities of our partners, international development targets and our areas of expertise. These are health, participation and governance, secure livelihoods and education.  We’re committed to gender equality in all our work so that men and women have equal opportunities to realise their potential.  VSO have a number of fundraising events and meet VSO to find out how to volunteer,




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