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Since its inception, Alma Mata Working Group members have collaborated to produce advice and publications that have helped publicise existing opportunities in global health, and worked with partner organizations to develop new models of postgraduate training.

Current and planned activities that anyone interested in joining the work of Alma Mata can get involved in are include:

  1. Working with the Intercollegiate Global Health Junior Doctors Working Group on developing a coherent set of core curriculum themes in Global Health
  2. Ongoing undergraduate training to King’s College Medical Students on Careers in Global Health
  3. Following up on a survey of Postgraduate Medical Deans regarding their attitudes to time out of programme spent on Global Health opportunities
  4. The potential to develop a manual with the Tropical Health and Education Trust regarding how juniors can help engage with international partnerships
  5. Finalising publication of a careers questionnaire on student and junior attitudes towards taking time out of training

Previous work has included:

A letter to the Lancet to accompany the Global Health Seminar Series run in conjunction with the Royal College of Physicians (London).

A survey of UK postgraduate global health competencies, led by the Intercollegiate Global Health Junior Doctors Working Group. A summary letter has been published by the Lancet and it was accepted as a poster through the Lancet New Voices in Global Health by the World Health Summit in Berlin (October 2012). The main body of work was published by the Riyal Society of Medicine.

A careers questionnaire on student and junior attitudes towards taking time out of training. Two aspects of this research were presented as posters at the Associations for the Study of Medical Education’s recent Global Health Education for Tomorrow’s Doctors conference. A publication is being finalised.

A training proposal for developing postgraduate medical experience in global health in the UK, published in Clinical Medicine.

  • This work was based on a training proposal that was discussed at a variety of meetings with representatives from the DH and the global health community, available here.

A piece on establishing a globally aware health workforce.

A BMJ careers advice section on new International health foundation programmes.

An article on how to be of appropriate use on international placements.

A BMJ careers advice section on how to approach global health.

Responses to various global health messages:

Publications that mention Alma Mata’s work

Alma Mata has also responded to various government white papers, including NHS International Development Framework Consultation and Liberating the NHS: Developing the Healthcare workforce.

In addition, Alma Mata also have produced multiple issues of a Global Health Journal.

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