Feb 10 2014

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Medact: Workshop on Tax and Health

Date: Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Time: 10:30 until 15:00 (lunch provided)

Location: The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, N1 6HT


Medact is a London-based health charity designed to enable health professionals to act on the social, political, ecological and economic determinants of health and health inequality. Its purpose is to inform, educate and mobilise the 1 million plus health professionals in the UK.

Over the next two years, Medact will be working on the issues of tax justice and tax policy which are fundamental to just about every single national and global health priority.

In order to design a programme of work, Medact is organising a workshop to consult with other health organisations as well as experts in the field of tax and tax justice.

Aims of workshop

  • Develop the idea of tax (and tax justice) as a health issue that health professionals should be concerned about
  • Define the role that Medact can play in supporting appropriate action on tax – at both a global and local level. This would include research, education and campaigning
  • Develop synergistic links between Medact and existing tax-related campaigns and initiatives
  • Identify organisations and individuals already working in the area of tax and health
  • Explore funding opportunities  to support a programme of work on tax and justice


This workshop is designed to be small enough to allow for strategic planning. Medact is inviting a number of selected participants; but anyone with relevant interest and expertise who would like to participate is encouraged to email Medact at: workshops@medact.org.

We anticipate holding a more open public meeting on the issue of Tax and Health later in the year.


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